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congratulated the students

Middle school students participated in the Road Safety Game whereby the students got hands on experience on adhering to lane driving, safety and security of pedestrians ,road manners, safe distance between vehicles ,avoidance of honking and overtaking. Students visited Traffic Training Park at Punjabi Bagh and attended aSimulation session and learnt ways of averting damage on roads. Personnels from Hero Moto Corp conducted a session for classes X and XI educating students about pedestrian etiquettes and road culture. ITL Public School, in its extreme glory and grandeur, held the Scholar Badge Ceremony on 6 October 2018. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, Mr. Sushil Kumar, Deputy Director of Education, Zone 21, South West District accompanied by the Principal of the school Mrs. Sudha Acharya.

The School Principal Dr Sudha Acharya highly appreciated the noble motto behind the event and the impeccable way in which it had been organised. A Nukkad natak, ‘Vasundhara’ was a revelation that sensitized and raised awareness amongst the audience about the ill effects of the reckless use of plastic and passed on a strong social message about banning its use. The play transported all to the glorious Elizabethan era of the 16th century wherein each spectator savoured the grandeur of the spirit of romanticism and intellectual explosion laced with conflict, wit and poetic justice. The T&P cell of MUJ provides lots of training and guidance to get your dream job in any prestigious organization you always wished to work.

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The highlight of the show was the conferring of titles like Sovereign of Scholastics, The Dignified Diplomat, The Peerless Pearl, Aesthetic Adroit, Ms Congeniality based on their distinctive quality and merit. The covetous titles of Lady of the Evening and Gentleman of the Evening were conferred upon Jhanvi Jolly and Akshay Chauhan of Class XIIth respectively. The teachers also put up an entertaining skit, full of fun and hilarity depicting scenes of PTM, the trauma of Board preparation and getting admit card, flashes of blessing ceremony and board result. The occasion saw ITLeens passionately express their gratitude towards the teachers … Who always morally and emotionally support them and help them achieve all their dreams.

Students in a gamut of activities like Radio Show, Blind-Fold Activity, Role Play, Debate, Skits and making Web-Charts and Graphic Organisers. Brainstorming sessions on Conflict management and coping with stress were also held. Students prepared Thank You cards for the courteous and gentle people around them who have made an imprint on their minds. They designed innovative flash cards on Do’s and Dont’ s of school life and creatively depicted these handcrafted “SCHOOL RULES” on their class soft boards .They pledged together to follow these rules.

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“Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.”ITL Public School, in its extreme glory and grandeur, held the Scholar Badge Ceremony on 22 October 2019. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the Principal of the school Mrs. Sudha Acharya. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty a resonating, melodious musical presentation was presented by the students.

The musical taste of ITLeens was reflected in Vocal and Instrumental music competitions. Students were lost in the world of fantasy as they zestfully participated in Poetry Writing competition. It was indeed a gratifying experience to see the novel things made in ‘Best Out of Waste’ competition. The gleaming eyes and the sparkling faces reflected that all students enjoyed thoroughly.

The tera vertical sync started with flag hoisting by the Principal, ITL Public school,Ms. Students of class XII gave a speech, thereby enlightening the school about the present scenario of free India and youths’ perspective for the future. Students recited poem for their mother land which augured a sense of cohesion for one’s country. Sudha Acharyainspired the gathering with a motivating speech on the role of students for future economic stability, stressing on value-based learning and revival of educational system to make students as responsible global citizens.

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Simultaneously the school also organized a Soft Board Decoration competition for all classes on topics related to Road safety. The students expressed their thought processes, their comprehension of the situations on road, their apprehensions and likely situations through an impactful and creative presentation that generated a lot of awareness thus endowing the students with a new vision towards road safety. The efforts of the students were highly appreciated by the PTA Body members who also judged the competition. The activity for class VI was the story enactment which was the part of their FA-1 activities and hence, 100% participation was there. The best stories were selected from each section and a competition was conducted on 13thMay’2014.

Christmas is the spirit of giving …it is happiness because we see joy in people. In this season of joy and festivity, it’s time to give back to the society, to contribute in a way that it brings smiles to all faces. This workshop was designed as part of the Skill Development, whereby students learnt upcycling to create innovative products. Dr. Anandita Roy, PhD and Double Masters Degree in Science and Management was the Resource person for the workshop. ITL Public School organised an educative workshop Waste to Wonder for senior secondary students on 22 August, 2022.

Dr Sudha Acharya, President Sankalp Sahodaya , Principal ITL Public School accorded a warm welcome to the chief guest and and the principlals . The state awardee principals Ms Manisha Sharma, Principal Venkateshwar Iinternational School and Ms Neetu Kapoor, Principal Army School, Delhi Cantt was felicitated by the chief guest. The Exhibition concluded with the Valedictory Session on 16th December 2022 which was graced by Dr Biswajit Saha, CBSE Director who motivated the students to think creatively and develop their novel ideas to contribute for the welfare of the mankind. The judges announced the results and the winners will be given an opportunity to present their exhibits in the CBSE National Science Exhibition. The young, dynamic Terra Group, with over 25 years of experience behind it, is determined to set a new procedure in the real estate industry by not just constructing building and Villas in Bhiwadi but by offering unique solutions to our customers. It is one of the most promising residential, commercial and industrial destinations of our time.

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The show commenced with ‘THE DASHAVATAR- the invocation dance to raise the energies of the ten avatars and witness the story of the great preserver, Lord Vishnu. The School Principal Ms.Sudha Acharya formally welcomed the august gathering and enlightened them about the school’s efforts in passionate and tireless nurturing of the students and the various milestones achieved henceforth. The event culminated with the cake cutting ceremony and dancing to peppy numbers. The students left the school overwhelmed with emotions, eyes gleaming with fond memories, heart brimming with love longing to affectionately embrace each lovely moment. Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end….they simply mean we shall miss you. A strong wave of diverse emotions, sentiments, nostalgia ran high as students of Class XI of ITL Public School organised the Farewell Ceremony Hasta Leugo..

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With fervour in his speech, he expressed his concern about the growing vulnerability of climate change, reasons and impact of recent Forest Fire in Uttrakhandand perpetual Brain Drain.The Principal,Ms. SudhaAcharya expressed her special bonding with the dynamic council members who have promised the create paradigm shifts in leadership roles. She reiterated on the value of time, to interface responsibilities, work as a team and walk together. As a crucial pointer she relegated on the maxim of – to accept and not to expect and to work on duties before we talk about rights. ITL PUBLIC SCHOOL organized Scintillations 2016 – an Inter School Competition on Friday, 15 July 2016.

A Brainstorming Session was organized by Central Board of Secondary Education on 4th July, 2018 at ITL Public School, Dwarka to frame a comprehensive policy for providing support to children with disabilities in their education and examination. A sign language interpreter was present for the convenience of deaf and dumb participants. As a prelude to Teachers Day Celebration, the senior students made a sincere effort to impart to their juniors the value of Teacher Student relationship and the sacred bond that ties them. The changing Student -Teacher relationship in the present scenario is a cause of concern and worry to all. The students of TEDx and Debate club interacted with students of all classes on this sensitive issue.

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The prelim rounds of Humbola were conducted in all the sections of VII standard on 8thMay’2014 in the zero pd. The winners from each section participated in the final round of Humbola which was conducted on 12thMay’2014 in the zero pd. The activity for class VIII was a Maths Quiz which concluded on 16 May’14. The prelims round for the quiz was also conducted in all the sections of VIII standard in the form of a logical reasoning worksheet which was a part of their FA-1 activity. Two students from each section were selected to participate in the final round of the quiz. Music truly is the international language as it has done much to bring the peoples of the world together.

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The stellar show, that was attended by the students, parents of the participants and teachers from the neighbouring schools, was liked and appreciated by everybody. ITL Public School, in its endeavour to foster love for language and literature in students, celebrated English Week “Literati” from 24 April 2017 – 28 April 2017. The students of Class XI acquired the skill of doing thread work using macramé knots. They gained hands-on experience on tying the knots aesthetically to create beautiful pot –holders.

The one–hour long show held the audience in awe and left them enlightened as the show culminated. The enactment of Hansa Family& their rib cracking jokes added humour to the event. The Session commenced with divine rendition of Shloka chanting by special need student- Pranav Gouhari of class XI-F & motivational group song ‘Nayi Ummeedein’ by the students of ITL Public School. Principal ITL Public School, Ms. Sudha Acharya, felicitated the CBSE Chairperson, Smt. Anita Karwal, IAS & welcomed the august gathering of the stalwarts of CBSE.

  • Young girls are continuously exposed to a threatening surrounding while they make their journey to coaching institutes and tuitions.
  • Muneeb Riaz from Skill Sphere Education who is a eloquent public speaker explained how to link the current affairs with all subjects.
  • The students demonstrated about how the Astronauts are trained to balance their body in zero gravity, how to observe the sun in a safe way through a telescope and by the use of filter.
  • The fact worth noting was that the documentary was totally made by the students.

She is seen wearing a pair of black pencil heels while her hair are tied in a bun. Was it Vengaboys’ track, To Brazil,Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69, or a Bollywood song featuring English lyrics? While some tracks were easily understood, a few of them had difficult lyrics that each time we tried to lip-sync them, we would end up singing gibberish. Come and feel me.’ Remember how you sang these lines of Tera Hone Laga Hoon back then?

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Standing strong on the foundation of ‘Jan Bhagidari’, ITLeens reaffirmed their commitment to the Republic. The commemoration commenced with the illustrious moment of unfurling of the National Flag by the Principal. Dr Sudha Acharya followed by the National Anthem, surging one and all with patriotic sentiments. The Department of Data Science will provide high-quality education and conduct research that is pertinent to the needs of the industry, the national and international community.

The interaction adequately highlighted that inculcation, integration and implementation of 21st Century Skills is immensely needed to carve a niche to future prospects in life and also for bringing certainty to life. The case studies on famous change makers & notable personalities like Harland Sanders , Amish Tripathi & Tiger Woods acted as an inspiring self-introspective session . The TEDx videos instilled great faith and confidence in the young learners to uphold an optimistic attitude towards life. Students were motivated to inculcate a never quit attitude and to accept changes boldly and confidently. Great emphasis was laid on self-faith and conviction and to accept any change with open arms. In the present generation, technology plays a major role in preparing young minds to work in an environment full of high-tech innovations.