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5 Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

Still, most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else; enjoying it matters for your overall well being. Planning a few in-person meetups after every month can help you fill this gap and have a healthier relationship with your colleagues. You might be tired of the virtual coffee sessions every week, so take this meetup as an opportunity and go to some café to have some coffee with your colleagues. YourYour colleagues who have hobbies like blogging or cooking will love it when they see a thumbs-up from you on their social media. This can be a great way to motivate them and yourself to stick with their hobbies, create a better work-life balance, and build better bonds with colleagues. You can start doing this practice of greeting virtually with your remote teammates and later ping other department workers to have better communication with them.

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One of the best ways to make friends at work is to be proactive and start conversations with your colleagues. For example, ask them about their weekend plans, or strike up a discussion about something you read in the news. If you’re struggling to think of things to chat about, try joining a virtual coffee club or book club, where you can discuss topics of mutual interest with like-minded individuals.

How to Make Friends Online (+ Best Apps to Use)

It’s not embarrassing, desperate or clingy to ask someone if they want to get a drink or coffee, even if it’s over a video call. Choose a milestone, like a big project or deadline, or perhaps the start of a new venture as your launching point for a prospective hangout. If you’re close enough to meet in real life, you can also plan something like picking up your favorite ice cream flavors and watching a reality show while texting about it. The options are entirely dependent upon the friendship you’re choosing to forge, and there’s no one way to go about making a new friend. It’s entirely possible that you’re spending up to five hours a day on your work’s Slack or Teams chat, but you’re feeling more disconnected than ever. Imagine if you couldn’t drop by a co-worker’s desk during your very first job, or go out for drinks after work with your colleagues.

By connecting with like-minded professionals online, you can expand your network and build relationships with people who share your interests. Look for online conferences, trade shows, and webinars that are relevant to your field, and make an effort to actively participate in them. You can join online discussions, ask questions, and share your thoughts and ideas. By engaging with others in your industry, you can develop meaningful connections and potentially find opportunities for collaboration or mentorship. Additionally, many virtual events have networking sessions where you can meet and chat with other attendees, so be sure to take advantage of those opportunities as well.

It’s possible to find community even when working from home.

By actively engaging with others in the course, you increase your chances of forming meaningful relationships and expanding your professional network. Additionally, the knowledge gained from taking these courses can be applied in your work, making you a more valuable asset to the company. Pretty much all companies have a “random” or a “break room” Slack channel, but anyone who frequents it knows that the environment feels much more controlled than in real life.

And if you’re like many people, work also leads to some of the most important personal relationships in your life. “I am sad not only for myself, but for the community as a whole because it really is a great resource and the people are https://remotemode.net/blog/tips-on-how-to-make-friends-when-you-work-from-home/ tremendous,” said Hugh Austin, a library patron. The library provides internet, books, movies, and resources like iPads to the rural community. Organization leaders say they are pleased that so many people showed their support tonight.

Play Dates with Mom Friends

Being the new person in the office is a license to get to know people. It may seem counterintuitive, but remote work can actually improve your social life because it forces you to be intentional about hanging out and making friends. Here are some ideas for social activities that translate well to a remote setting. Here are some motivational tips and ideas that will help you make new friends while working remotely.

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